Lemond Docs


Lemond is a decentralized,open-source,autonomous non-custodial liquidity market protocol where users can participate as depositors or borrowers. Depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while borrowers are able to borrow in an overcollateralized (perpetually) or undercollateralized (one-block liquidity) fashion.
Each asset supported by Lemond Protocol is integrated through a lToken contract, which is an EIP-20 compliant representation of balances supplied to the protocol. By minting lTokens, users earn interest through the lToken's exchange rate, which increases in value relative to the underlying asset, and gain the ability to use lTokens as collateral.
Please join the Lemond community telegram; the Lemond team and members of the community look forward to helping you understand and use Lemond Protocol.
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